CEO Message

We are deeply grateful to our customers and shareholders for visiting the website of Moda-InnoChips Co., Ltd.


An innovative manufacturer specialized in ceramic manual components!

We produce needle parts that remove noise and prevent static electricity from internal circuits
so that advanced electronic devices can operate smoothly.

Since its foundation in 2000, our company has produced through ceaseless R&D work ceramic-based key electronic components that meet the needs of our customers. CMF/CMEF, ESD/EMI Filter, Chip Varistor, Power Inductor, created through ceaseless technological development, innovation, and bold investments, are proud flagship products that have enabled our company's continuous growth.

As a result of all the efforts of the company's employees, our company was able to achieve in 2011 the largest sales and profits since the establishment, and proudly came in first in the South Korean ceramic composite parts industry, recording remarkable achievements. We promise that we will continue to do business with our customers and shareholders as our top priority, not forgetting that all this was achieved with your interest and affection.

Looking at the changing business environment of the future, all employees of our company do not settle for where we are, and we will work day and night to create new values. Please support us until the day we become a global leader recognized by all.

Thank you.

KANG Joong-keun and Jeong Tae-hyeong CEOs