Code of Ethics

(주)모다이노칩은 기본에 철저하고 원칙을 지키는 정도경영을 기반으로 하여
신뢰와 존경을 받는 기업이 되겠습니다.


Basic Responsibilities

Moda-InnoChips Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) desires to become a company gaining trust and respect based on righteousness management by thoroughgoing basics and adhering to the principles. The Company seeks for becoming a company which: the customers want to deal with; shareholders are willing to make investment into; and the employees want to work for by increasing its value and establishing ethical corporate culture through continuing management innovation and strengthened power of growth so that the Company will grow and be improved along with all the people concerned.


The Company maintains the top-rated integrity in all business transactional relationship. The Company adopts zero tolerance policy which does not allow bribery, corruption, unfair profits and embezzlement in any form. All the transactions shall be carried out transparently and correctly reflected in the accounting book and business record. Moreover, the Company implements monitoring and execution process for complying with laws and regulations on anti-corruption.

Prohibition of Unfair Profits

Any one of the Company shall not or have other people to promise, suggest or provide bribery or other considerations for the purpose of improper and unfair profit. Any one of the Company shall not directly or through a 3rd party promise, suggest or provide certain value for the purpose of obtaining/maintaining business opportunities, provide others with business opportunity, or obtain improper other profit.

Customers and Accounts

The Company provides the goods and services by putting top priority on customers’ value in its business management. The Company provides its partners with fair opportunities and secure reasonable terms and conditions of business so that the partnership will be developed. The Company seeks for a competition in good faith with rival companies and complies with fair trade


The Company realizes fair profits through transparent decision making and efficient business activities. The Company increases company value through continuing business innovation and growth strategy. The Company respects the rights and investment profits of shareholders and promptly provides necessary information.

Officers and Employees

The Company respects creativity of individuals and provides opportunities of fair competition so that the Company will be the place of their self-realization. The Company does not make any discrimination for the reason of educational background, region, sex, age or religion. The Company establishes constructive business culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Nation and Society

The Company, as a corporate citizen, respects national policy and all the laws and regulations and pays attention to its social responsibility. The Company respects the tradition and culture of local communities and makes its best effort in promoting joint prosperity and development of local communities. The Company complies with generally recognizable international laws and the laws and accounting standards of the Republic of Korea on human rights, environments, culture and economy.