Management Policy

In order to comply with laws and fulfill corporate social responsibilities, Moda-InnoChips has established a management policy that prohibits the use of conflict minerals (3TG) and cobalt extracted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries. We continue to encourage our suppliers to make purchases through smelters certified in the smelter certification program (Conflict-Free Smelter; CFS) that are free from conflicts.

- Moda-InnoChips will ensure that 3TG as associated with armed forces in the conflict zones is not included in its supply chain.
- We will establish a business process that applies international standards that regulate minerals in the conflict zones.
- Using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template as provided by RBA, we will identify the names and locations of all 3TG and cobalt smelters used in our products. - We will request assurance from our suppliers stating that they do not use 3TG materials and cobalt extracted from the conflict zones, and they must submit and comply with it.
If there is insufficient information to confirm the use of minerals from the conflict zones or if a supplier provides false information, Moda-InnoChips may suspend its business relationship with the supplier.
Moda-InnoChips will actively participate in international efforts to ban the use of conflict minerals, and will fulfill its corporate social responsibility to protect the human rights of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries.